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A brief history...

MJWARD UK Ltd was incorporated by Michael Jon Ward and his wife Rosie Ward back in August 2009. Prior to this Mike was finding his feet; a co-founder of Tidy Design Ltd (est 2007) and also involved with projects like Tidy Wines and Bulgaria Property Agent. Both Mike and Rosie graduated from the University of Portsmouth, it was here (Portsmouth) they decided to stay, putting down roots for a family and the foundations for a business.

The now (2018)...

As a company MJWARD UK Ltd is looking to develop, grow and expand over the next few years. Currently a small motivated team of designers and developers work for Tidy Design, however we are looking to recruit in 2019. Through years of experience and hard work, we know that setting and reaching goals is what moves a business forward.

Michael Jon Ward

When it comes to business it's "family first". Mike is a big believer in hard work and looking after the customer, however he will always make time for his two boys Isaac and Jamie. His family is his anchor and a massive motivator. As well as a love for business, Mike enjoys art, web dev and illustration.

Our Business