Digital Marketing Agency Portsmouth

So what is the purpose of a website? Well, a website’s function is to communicate, good communication is the key to lead generation and new customers… Have you sat down recently and accessed your website content, its photos, the end-user experience, any call to actions you may or may not have? Lack of a clear… Read More

Listening to your own advice…

Last month (June 2015) I decided enough is enough; it was time to re-design and start blogging again! We moved offices back in March 2015 and our old website was in desperate need of a re-design. In my mind the new site needed to reflect the new chapter we had entered as a company,… Read More

Let it snow…

It was a pleasant surprise waking up to a blanket of snow today, not something you often see in Portsmouth. As someone who rarely takes time off from his work, today I decided to leave my house a little later than planned… Throwing a few snowballs with my boys was high on the agenda –… Read More

Web Designer Jobs in Portsmouth

Looking for a new web design career in 2015? Great news! Our core business Tidy Design is recruiting and we need someone fast – If you are self-motivated (based in Portsmouth) and enthusiastic about technology and the web then please get in touch today! We need someone with good HTML, CSS and PHP skills. Experience… Read More

Where has the time gone!

Since I last posted on this blog so much has happened. A second child, new house, a complete property renovation project, moving house, steady growth within our business… All in all it has been manic, an action packed year – no real holiday, just hard work and digging deep to get stuff done. With the… Read More

Having a Second Child

Hard to believe that almost three weeks ago my wife gave birth to our second son, Jamie Leon Ward. Seriously, where have the weeks gone!! The transition from a family of three to a family of four has been pretty surreal – some things in life you just cant plan for (even with nine months… Read More

A Time to be Productive

We all reach points in our life when procrastination, chilling out or an early night is no longer a feasible option! The time to be productive is now, something clicks and we get stuck in – You sleep less, consume more coffee and work crazy hours to get the job done… Over the next couple… Read More

The result of a decision…

Here is a question for you; if your life had absolutely no boundaries or limits, you could do whatever you wanted, what would you choose to do? We make decisions every day; everything we do is the result of a decision, some decisions are big and others (most daily judgements) are pretty small… It is… Read More